Tender details for Swami Vivekananda Museum work

Ref: T/FRP/ August 11, 2011
Dear Sir,
Ramakrishna Mission Khetri, Rajasthan proposes to develop a Multimedia based Museum highlighting the Life and Time of Swami Vivekananda to commemorate his 150th Birth Anniversary during January, 2013.
Khetri is a township situated in Shekhawati region of Rajasthan which is linked with Swami Vivekananda as he stayed here thrice during his life time. The Mission is situated in the Palace building of Khetri which was donated to Ramakrishna Mission by the Khetri Maharaja family.
Details along with technical features are given in the enclosed document.
May we request you to submit your quotation along with your terms and conditions for the execution. Your quotation must reach Swami Adipurushananda, Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture, Golpark, Kolkata- 700029 Tel: 033-24641303 on or before 15th September, 2011.
In case you need any further clarification please contact our Advisor Mr. D. Basu (Mo. No. 9836154705)
Yours sincerely
(Swami Atmanishthananda)
Encl. as stated
Please find all the documents related to tendor as below:-
Covering Letter for Museum
Tender for FRP work
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