Vivekananda Museum: Work Started

To make the people in general aware of the decade-long association of Swami Vivekananda with Khetri, to further spread the cultural and social messages of the Swami, to portray his life and time with realistic presentation through life-size and miniature Diorama, and to give a tribute to Swamiji on his 150th Birthday in January 2013, the Centre proposes to open a majestic Museum to be housed in ‘Fatteh Billas’ Palace building, Khetri. The building is intensely associated with the memory of Swami Vivekananda where he visited and stayed for a considerable period during 1891, 1893 and 1897 in close association with Khetri Raja and got his inspiration and support for visit to Chicago and participation in World Parliament of Religions which made him known so widely and brought national pride. On being gifted by then Raja of Khetri in 1958-59 the said building to Ramakrishna Mission, the Khetri centre is functioning there for furthering the ideology of Swami Vivekananda.

Considering the proposal of ‘Vivekananda Museum’ submitted by Ramakrishna Mission Khetri centre, sanction of financial assistance of Rupees two crores has been accorded by the Central Government under the ‘Setting-up, Promotion and Strengthening of Regional and local Museum’ Programme under the Deptt. of Culture, GOI, New Delhi. The Government of Rajasthan also declared a grant of Rupees fifty lakhs for the project in the last budget. While we express our gratitude to the Central and the State Government for their financial assistance, we would like to seek contributions from you, in whatever measure possible, in this ambitious project worth rupees 5 crores. It will be an outstanding tribute from you to the patriotic saint Swami Vivekanada on his 150th Birthday.

We are fortunate in getting the expert help of Padmashri Dr. Saroj Ghose, who retired as the Director-General of the National Council of Science Museum in setting up the Museum. He is using his rich experience in conceptualizing the design, script and exhibit development of the ‘Vivekananda Museum’.

The museum team under Dr. Ghose is working on the following:

(a) Develop a comprehensive plan in story-telling format,

(b) Identify the technology that could be employed and sustained in Khetri,

(c) Prepare art layout for the museum,

(d) Supervise the preparation of dummy for each enclave,

(e) Prepare detailed specifications for tendering,

(f) Identify good fabrication agencies in different areas of activities viz. wood work for structure, art work for period settings, FRP realistic sculptures, various electronic and computerized animations,

(g) Scrutinize all tenders and submit recommendations for award of work to competent fabricators, and

(h) Work out a strategic plan for implementation of fabrication and installation work.

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