Value Education

Ramakrishna Mission, Khetri has formed a Value Education Unit and it has built up supporting infrastructure with essential equipments such as projector, sound system, computer etc.

It undertakes activities among school children to remove of ignorance about Self-Development in order to arrive at happiness and peace in life. It consisted of educational interventions in the form of Inter School Competition on value based topics, workshops for students, Lectures and Question Answer Sessions on Self-Development based on ideas from Vedanta.

The participants were educated in:

a)       Physical Fitness to ensure well-being and capacity for hard work;

b)       Mind Control and Concentration for excellence in academics;

c)       Qualities of Goodness based on Truth and Honesty;

d)       Qualities of Greatness based on unselfishness, respect for elders, care, concern and service towards others;

e)       Love for the country;

f)         Team spirit for the institution and the nation.