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Swami Vivekananda Murti Pratishtha Utsav on 22.03.2014

Dear All
Under the ‘Vivekananda Museum’ project at Khetri that is funded by the Central and the State Government a bronze statue of Swami Vivekananda of 11 feet tall in Chicago posture has been installed on March 22, 2014 by Revered Gautamanandaji Maharaj in the presence of 80 monks and 400 devotees. On the occasion, the public meeting was addressed by Revered Gautamanandaji Maharaj, Revered Satyarupanandaji Maharaj, Swami Atmanishthananda, Shri Bajranglal Sharma and Shri Rajendra Yadav. On the previous day a mono act play on Swamiji was presented. A musical tribute to Swamiji was given by Swami Divyavratanandaji in the evening. Revered Gautamanandaji Maharaj initiated 38 aspirants on 23 March, 2014.
With Prayers